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Nine Man Morris

This is a great family game for all ages. The skills required can be learned early on and the strategy aspect will grow with practice and age. This game is really simple to set up and make at home. A piece of paper with three squares connected with lines along the straight edges (as shown in the picture. Each intersection of 2 or more lines is a location for tokens. Tokens can be created from rocks painted two different colors, from two different colors of buttons, or even cut up pieces of paper! Each person gets 9 tokens.

To play, place the board game between the two players. Take turns placing tokens on the board game. The goal is to try to get three tokens in a row. If one player gets three tokens in a row, that player may remove one of the other opponents tokens. Once all tokens (that haven't already been removed) are on the board players take turns sliding the tokens one place (from intersection to intersection) to again, make three in a row. Once a player is down to only three tokens they make pick a token to move it instead of only sliding it along. To win the game, remove the other players tokens before they remove yours! Once a player reaches two tokens the game is over and the winner is the player with more than two tokens.

For more detailed directions check out the website below!


Watch the youtube video for a demonstration!

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