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Pets, Weapons & Other Policies


Also known as "Garb", costumes aren't required, but are welcome and encouraged.  

We want everyone to come to the faire, so we don't care if you are dressed in historically accurate medieval clothing, wildly inaccurate fantasy clothing, or jeans and a t-shirt. We do ask that you are appropriately covered for a family friendly event. 


Well behaved, leashed pets are welcome.  Owners are responsible for clean-up and any damage that may be caused by their animal. If at any point management deems an animal too aggressive, you will be asked to take them off site. 

Please keep in mind that there are small crowds, loud noises, children, and horses on site. If your pet is uncomfortable with any of those things, we ask that you leave them at home. 


Rain or shine. Wind or heat. We will be open. If there is ever an situation in which we have to cancel our social media pages will be updated. 


All weapons must be peace tied before entering the faire.  "Peace Tied" means the weapon is secured to the patron at all times. It may not be drawn in anger or in jest.

Peace Ties are available at the ticket gate and someone will be available to assist you.  We know that many people want to brandish their swords and other weapons in the name of king and kingdom, but for the safety of everyone, peace ties are essential and required. 

We know that this can be difficult for children. For the sake of our shins, please keep their weapons contained. 

Concealed carry is allowed with permit.  No "open carry" of firearms. 

No firearms in tavern.

Cash vs card

Gate and tavern accept cash and card. Checks will not be accepted at either of these locations. 

Most Merchants accept cash and card as well. A handful are cash only. 

Many of the performers accept tips. 

ATMs will be on site for your convenience. 

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping are not permitted beyond the gate. 

Designated areas on the Expo grounds will be marked on the map. 


Free parking is available at the Chelan County Expo Center parking lots. First come first serve. 

Lock your cars when you leave. The faire is not responsible for any theft or damages that may occur. 


We want to make our site accessible to everyone.

Service animals are welcome.

The expo grounds are comprised of a cement pathway from the road to the faire entrance. From there it's grass in the main area and sand in the jousting arena. The grass is kept low. There are a few bumpy places.

We have benches or haybales through out the faire for seating. 

There is no natural shade on site, but we will have a few shade tents and water available. 

Privies (Port-a-potties) are in a few locations on site and flushies are located by the main Expo entrance. 

Please let our management team know how we can improve!


No dissemination of religious or political materials is allowed. 

The legal stuff

Entrance onto the Faire site deems the person as a "patron" and indicates that they understand the Chelan County Expo Center and Two Rivers Medieval Faire Policies. Such privilege may be revoked without refund for noncompliance by the Two Rivers Medieval Faire Management. "Patron(s)" assumes all risks occurring before, during or after event, including injury by any cause, and releases the Two Rivers Medieval Faire Management, (or those working under their direction), the Chelan County Expo Center, and their representatives and personnel from any related claims.

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