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Performer FAQ

What is the process to join?

Submit your application online on the application page. 

After your application has been accepted, you will receive an email from the performer coordinator to discuss or negotiate your contract. Our performance budget goes fast! Please apply early. 

Further information or questions will be sent via Email. 

What is included in my contract?

Your contract will include your act length, number of acts, your fees, and any other stipulations or special instructions you may have. 

You will also receive "Staff" wristbands for all people involved in your act as well as your assistants or attendants. 

Your on site camping fees are covered by the faire, should you choose to stay with us. 

You are invited to the Saturday after hours Potluck. 

Can I collect Tips?

Absolutely.  You are welcome to collect tips during your act. 

I want to have an act, but not at a set time or place, is that possible?

We love a wandering performer. Ambiance helps makes the faire magical. We just ask that you still communicate with the performance coordinator to ensure everyone is on the same page about what you will be doing and to make sure we don't have traffic blocks near merchants or double bookings on stages. 

Where will I stay?

On site or booth camping is available. This is dry camping. You will need to provide your own tent and camping items. 

Showers are available on site, a short walk from the faire area. 

Quite hours are 10:00 pm to :00 am

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only - outside of the general camping area

Freestanding fire pits and BBQ grills are permitted with ground cover of some kind and a fire extinguisher must be on hand. 

RV parking is available. Bookings for RV camping are done directly through the Chelan County Expo website. 

The Cashmere Inn is a short drive from the site. Reservations are made directly through that business. 

How will I get paid?

You or a designated person for your group will receive a check from 2RMF Sunday after 2:00 p.m. 

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