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Merchant FAQ

What is the process to join?

Submit your application online on the application page. 

After your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with further instruction, a contract to sign, and the invoice for your booth and/or camping fee. 

Further information or questions will be sent via Email. 

What does the booth fee cover?

Your booth fee covers the space designed in your application, "staff' wristbands for yourself and your designated booth staff, and invitation to our after hours pot luck Saturday after close

What happens if I sell out?

Well done on your success! If you do sell out of your merchandise you can stay and converse with guests. Tell them about your product, give a demo, and hand out business cards. 

Early break down is not accepted and may result in not being able to return in subsequent years. 

Selling food

Food permits must be files with the Chelan/Douglas Health District a minimum of 2 weeks before faire. (The Chelan/Douglas Health District is closed on Fridays). 

Temporary food establishment permit application:


Chelan-Douglas Health District

200 Valley Mall Parkway

East Wenatchee, WA 98801


What merchandise is accepted?

Hand-crafted items and products are preferred. Items, products, services, and demonstrations should fit within the themes of Medieval/Renaissance and/or fantasy.

No direct sales businesses will be accepted. 

What merchandise is NOT accepted?

Alcohol, marijuana products, and fire arms are fully prohibited. 

Any food items must follow Washington state regulations. 

Mass produced items are discouraged. 

Nothing illegal. 

How do I dress myself and my booth?

All merchants and their booth staff are required to be in garb while the faire is open.  

Tents should be decorated in a manor that fits the theme. Tent and table legs should be covered in some way. 

Food merchants should discuss with the coordinator. While garb is great, we don't want food safety to be compromised.

Why is insurance required?

As much as we all hope and wish for a faire without issue or event, sometimes things go awry. Having insurance covers you should there be an accident in your tent or with your items. 

Insurance is not required at the time you apply, but will be requested prior to the event. Your Insurance certificate must name both the Chelan County Expo Center and Two Rivers Medieval Faire as additional 

Where will I stay?

On site or booth camping is available for a nominal fee. This is dry camping. You will need to provide your own tent and camping items. 

Showers are available on site, a short walk from the faire area. 

Quite hours are 10:00 pm to :00 am

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only - outside of the general camping area

Freestanding fire pits and BBQ grills are permitted with ground cover of some kind and a fire extinguisher must be on hand. 

RV parking is available. Bookings for RV camping are done directly through the Chelan County Expo website. 

The Cashmere Inn is a short drive from the site. Reservations are made directly through that business. 

What's the process for set up and tear down?

Merchants are able to set up at any time on the Friday before the event. Thursday set up is available by appointment. 

Drive onto the site where a staff member or volunteer will meet you with  your packet and direct you to your booth. 

Faire does not provide volunteers for merchant set up or tear down. If we have enough volunteers to cover our set up and tear down, we may be able to spare a few, but that is not a guarantee. 


All merchants are required to be ready by 9:45 am both days, as the fair opens at 10:00 am. Cars must be off site 30 minutes prior to open and for the duration of faire. It is preferred to have cars off site by Friday night. We have a one way, single lane path through the faire. The fewer cars trying to get off site right before we open the better. Part of our décor cannot go up until all cars have been moved. 


Tear down starts after the faire closes Sunday at 4:00 pm and is to be concluded and the grounds cleared out by 9:00 pm. 

What is the dragon egg hunt?

The Dragon Egg Hunt is a faire driven activity.  Each merchant that wishes to participate, receives an packet that includes a small decorated egg, a stamp, and a black and white sign with a dragon to hang on the front of their tent. 

Guests that are on the hunt for dragon eggs will enter a tent with the specific sign and look for the egg. Once they have found it, they will let the merchant know, so they can get a stamp on their egg hunt flyer. 

One a day, the faire will have a small ceremony to hand out prizes to those that have filled out their flyer. 

While the activity is directed mostly toward children, we invite all ages to participate. It's a fun way to get everyone exploring the entire map. 

There is no obligation or expectation for a merchant to participate in the Dragon Egg Hunt.  Food vendors are excluded. We don't want to keep you from the fun, but there usually isn't a lot of spare room or time in the food court. 


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