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2022 Merchants

A Touch of Wood

Beautiful wooden toys

Accessories of Fae 

Hand crafted crowns and accessories

Art to Suit You

I Sell All handcrafted items Copper, Bronze and Silver Jewelry and Home Decorations

Axeman's Outpost / Battleaxe and Knight

Sir Stefan & Traddlaq video 1 for KIDS semi-dragon puppet KIDS introduction story - YouTube

Brenda Master Sewing

Garb and costuming

Calypso's Catche

Pirate garb and nautical treasures.

Celtic Moonlighting

We are a small family run business specializing in clothing and accessories for Renaissance Faires and Highland Games enthusiasts. ...we have traveled to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia to work with a village clothing factory using our designs and Bali’s wonderful fabrics and expert tailors.

D&D Chain Maille Creations

Handmade Chainmaille jewelry and accessories.

Dark Gift

Leather Goods

Dragon's Haven

Clay sculptures and critters. I started creating clay figurines back in 2009 and have grown my passion into creating and selling my creations to this day.

Fael's Forge

Custom blade smithing as well as blacksmithing. Period and hunting pieces ready for use. High carbon steel to Damascus of all types.

Gia's Traditions

I am a single mom who loves to explore the world of alternative scents. I am so drawn to the things that make me feel good and sometimes seem a little silly.

Hawk & Dove Leather

Leather goods and accessories

Herb Leonhard Art

Enter the world of Herb Leonhard Art! Herb is a professional illustrator & graphic designer with over fifty published books & numerous awards.

Juggling Geese

Masks, foam weapons, goblets, tails, and pirate paraphernalia.


At KD Steampunk we feature hand-crafted armor and accessories like you've never seen before. We are devoted to bringing you unique steampunk styles, a wide variety of hand crafted items.

Lorraine Fire Artwork & Cosplay

I am an Artist, Jewelry Maker, and Cosplayer.

At her booth, you can purchase Jewlry, wire elf ears, and artwork.

Midnight Fae

Chainmail jewelry, resin keychains, larp swords, soaps, crochet items.

Mountain Minerals Art

Native & Celt

jewley, decor, hats, drinkware.

Nordic Trader

early Scandanavian Jewelry.

Orion's Craft

Cup n' Coin

Seven Suns Archery

Archery Range

Sidequest Forge

Knives, leather, garb, jewelry

Stryker Forge

forge & metal items

Tap n Trap

furs, skulls, mapel syrup

The Four Farthings


The Pixie Traveling Medicine Show

honey, bee pollen, herbals

The Reaper's Creature Emporium

Stone Faced Dolls

The Tangled Wood

stained glass, leather, crafts

The Wandering Seer

tarot, palm, chakra

Waxing Moon Enchantments



Antojito's Lucy

Mexican food, Hamburgers, drinks

Bavarian Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn


baked goods, herbal tea

CJ's Roasting

Turkey legs, roasted meats

Hot Rodzz Espresso

coffee, pastry, drinks

Scone Ranger


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